Company History


The implementation of several mainframe-based applications (with FMC Corp. and with a company now part of Siemens AG) provided the background that ultimately led to the formation of McKinney Consulting, Inc.  Installing those systems provided the opportunity to look at the way a company does what it does.  Helping clients install systems and navigate the landscape of change while aligning resources with goals led to application design and development projects.  Seeing the opportunity to develop programs for the desktop and network platforms, McKinney Consulting began developing systems that help clients achieve the highest-levels of organizational performance, earning the company a record of successes.


McKinney Consulting Inc.’s work with Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs) stretches back to 1986 when they developed the system that grew into the current ADVANTAGE: product line.  Their clients were called “Shipper’s Agents” back in 1986 and since then McKinney Consulting has grown to work with some of the most effective, efficient and profitable IMCs and Over-the-Road Freight Brokers today.  Their systems have evolved from DOS to Windows to SQL and Web-based systems that offer reliable, high performance, technologically advanced tools that provide valuable solutions to client business needs.